Distinguished Alumnus Award: Eduard Feibischoff, ’79

Distinguished Alumnus Award: Eduard Feibischoff, ’79

Eduard Feibischoff, Class of 1979

Eduard Feibischoff graduated from Buffalo State with a bachelor’s degree in broadcasting. During his student days, he made the Dean’s List and worked at the gymnasium for professor emeritus Stephen Schwartz. He played intramural football
and hockey, and was the manager for the varsity basketball team under head coach Dave Rooney. He also competed in the Budweiser Super Sports Competition held at Buffalo State.

Since graduating, Mr. Feibischoff has had a successful career as a television sports producer at NBC, ABC, and ESPN. He has earned seven Emmy Awards for sports television production: four for the NBA Finals and three for the Olympics.

Mr. Feibischoff overcame signi cant obstacles to achieve his goals. Born with Perthes disease, a rare childhood condition that affects the hip, he was unable to walk until he was 8 years old. At the age of 28, he had a hip replacement, which has enabled him to lead a more active lifestyle.

Mr. Feibischoff is a valued member of the Buffalo State alumni community who gives back by speaking to students about his life and career. He was last on campus in October 2016, visiting four classes and meeting with faculty and students.