Bengal Bookshelf: Books By Buffalo Staters

All Ways a Woman
Carol I. (Snider) Manne, B.S. ’58
Manne, who writes under the pen name Carol Mann, has collaborated with watercolor artist Lynn Centeno to create a book
that celebrates the complexities of a woman’s life, including her thoughts, her loves, her many roles, and her strength (AquaZebra Press, 2017).

Cooking with Feeling
Pat Haley, B.S. ’59
Haley, a journalist whose work has appeared in the Boston Globe, McCall’s, and Country Journal, presents a collection of 30 essays on the pleasures of cooking and eating. This culinary journal explores traditions and myths associated with contemporary food—complete with delicious recipes (Create Space, 2017).

Tapping the Hudson Valley
Debra (Lessner) Gioquindo, B.S. ’85
Planning a trip to the Hudson Valley region of New York State just got easier thanks to Gioquindo’s guide to day trips and weekend itineraries visiting the craft beverage producers of the Hudson Valley. The book also includes recommendations on sightseeing, farmers markets, restaurants, and lodging (Million Dollar Sips LLC, 2017;

A Path through Ohio: A Bicycle Journey
Mark J. Looney, B.S. ’85
Looney, who recently returned to long-distance cycle touring after a 33-year hiatus, chronicles his five-day journey across Ohio on the newly opened Ohio to Erie Trail (OTET). Looney completed a solo cross-country tour as a Buffalo State junior in 1983. Now living in Lakewood, Ohio, he is currently journaling his travels around each of the Great Lakes for a future book (Looney LLC, 2016).

Service-Learning through Community Engagement
Lori M. Gardinier, B.A., B.S. ’96
Gardinier’s new book examines campuscommunity partnerships from the perspective of the communities served and presents lively and engaging case studies involving nonprofit organizations, students, faculty, and community members (Springer Publishing Company, 2016).